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We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Fall Semester at CoSyMa has begun

CoSyMa is kickstarting its new semester with fourteen talented Young Maestros! As usual, the artistic director of CoSyMa is the founder, Zsolt Hamar.

The Young Maestros, same as in the last years will have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves with the best mentors the Hungarian classical music industry has to offer. 

For more information please visit the homepage of CoSyMa.

The fourteen talented young Maestros include: 

Benedek Kaposi

Darius Teremi

Dávid Csillag

Dávid Mester

Eszter Draskóczy

Gergely Tóth-Vajna, dr.

József Balog

Levente Zsíros

Martin Gölles

Mátyás Mészáros

Nikolett Hajzer

Pál Horváth

Tamás Pánczél

Zsombor Tóth-Vajna

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